What's new in SV-300 9.2 - SV-300 9.2

SV-300 9.2 Release Notes

SV-300 9.2

With each release, new features, enhancements, or resolved issues are added to the product.

In this release of the SV-300 9.2, the software image was updated to include:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise x64 2016 LTSB
  • Security Center 5.6 SR4 installed on an expansion server
  • Security Center Mobile 4.1 SR4
  • SV Control Panel 2.4.64
  • Changes to enrollment process for units that are using analog encoder cards: to discover new units and use the Unit enrollment tool, you must connect to Config Tool locally.
  • Microsoft-recommended Windows security templates applied to image
    • Minimum password length set to 10 characters
    • Deny network access to local machine
    • Deny RDP access
    • Disable Autoruns
    • Disable Unencrypted Traffic
    • Disable Basic Authentication
    • Disable Windows Scripting Host
    • Disable DNS multicast name resolution
    • Disable Terminal server connection
    • Disable WPAD
    • Disable NETBIOS
    • Disable LANMAN server: SMBv1
    • Enable Windows Defender
    • Enable LUA
    • Hardening Net Session Enumeration
    • SSL and TLS configuration to protect against vulnerabilities
    • Inactivity Timeout set to 900 seconds