SV-300 9.2 Release Notes - SV-300 9.2

SV-300 9.2 Release Notes

SV-300 9.2

The SV-300 is a compact-sized network security appliance that comes pre-installed with Microsoft® Windows, Genetec™ Security Center, and the SV Control Panel. With built-in analog encoder capture cards, the SV-300 is a turnkey appliance that enables you to quickly deploy a standalone system (video surveillance OR access control) or unified system (video surveillance AND access control).

The SV-300 9.2 is a general availability release.
This document describes the release in detail as it applies to SV-300 9.2 hardware components. This may include information about the following:
  • appliance and its components
  • required peripheral components
  • software image

This document also provides late-breaking or other information that supplements the Genetec™ SV-300 9.2 documentation.