Known issues in the Receiver intrusion detection extension 3.0 - Receiver 3.0

Receiver Intrusion Detection Extension Guide 3.0

Receiver 3.0

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

The Receiver extension 3.0 includes the following known issues.
Issue Description
1897598 DMP receivers do not report heartbeat events when the Receiver heartbeat notifications are on.
1632896 When panels are added to a receiver that is deactivated, the panels are added to the license count, and so fewer licenses are available for active receiver units. Deactivated receivers should not consume licenses.
1631169 When a deactivated receiver has more panels than available licenses, it is possible to activate the receiver and add more panels. When the receiver is deactivated, it no longer releases licenses. Deactivating a receiver should release all panel licenses.

Workaround: To release the panel licenses, deactivate the receiver, and then in Server Admin, restart the Security Center Directory.

1624197 When an intrusion detection unit is offline because a license is unavailable, it will not come back online automatically when a license is released.

Workaround: Make sure you have a license available. Deactivate the offline unit, and then activate it.

1622958 Some receivers send the same event message when an event first occurs (opens) and when it ends (closes).

Workaround: Look at the description to see if the event was opened or closed.

1617632 When adding multiple alarm receivers, each receiver must be assigned a unique port number, even if the receivers have different IP addresses.
1605783 The chart option is not available for Receiver activities reports.
1601488 If a user has a panel or area selected in the Unit mappings page of an intrusion detection unit, and a new area or input for that unit is created automatically by the system, the page is not updated to show the new entity.

Workaround: Refresh the Unit mappings page to see new entities.