Downloading exported video files in Web Client - Security Center Mobile 4.1

Security Center Mobile User Guide for Web Client 4.1

Security Center Mobile 4.1

To view the video that you exported using Web Client, you must download the video files after they have been exported.


  1. Do one of the following:
    • In the progress bar at the top of the Browser window, click Show available exported video files.
    • From the Web Client home page, click Available exported video files.
    The Available exported video files task lists all the exported video files for the current user that are ready to be downloaded to your local computer or tablet, as well as all the ongoing, failed, and cancelled exports. Each video sequence is identified by the Camera, Start and End times, the export format, the time the video was exported, the file size, and the export State.
  2. Click Download next to the video file you want to download.
    If you want to delete the exports that succeeded, failed, or were cancelled, click Delete.

  3. Save or open the video file, depending on the device you are downloading the file to.
    Tip: On Apple Multi-Touch devices, you can only open ASF video files if you have a media player app installed. You can save G64 files to a file sharing app, such as Dropbox.