About Security Center Mobile - Security Center Mobile 4.1

Security Center Mobile User Guide for Web Client 4.1

Security Center Mobile 4.1

Security Center Mobile is a feature of the Genetec Inc. unified platform that you can use to remotely connect to your Security Center system over a wireless IP network. Supported Mobile client components include a unified Web Client that is platform-independent, as well as various Mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

Security Center Mobile includes the following server and client components:
  • Mobile Server: Mobile Server is the server component of Security Center Mobile that connects Mobile apps and Web Clients to Security Center, and synchronizes the data and video between Security Center and supported Mobile client components.
  • Mobile Admin: Mobile Admin is a web-based administration tool used to configure the Mobile Server. From the Mobile Admin you can view your Security Center Mobile license, configure connection settings, configure push notifications, and monitor connections between Mobile Server and Security Center Mobile components.
  • Web Client: You can log on to Security Center Web Client from your internet browser to monitor video, investigate events related to door activity, search for and investigate active and past alarms, view and manage cardholders, visitors, cardholder groups, and credentials. Your system administrator must create a Web Client Server role in Security Center, which defines the Web Client's address (URL).
  • Mobile app: Mobile app is the client component of Security Center Mobile installed on mobile devices. Mobile app users connect to Mobile Server to receive alarms, view live video streams, view the status of doors, and more, from Security Center.
  • Mobile Server Extension: Mobile Server Extension is a server component of Security Center Mobile that provides access to Security Center Mobile for new mobile apps such as the Security Center Threat Level app.
  • Security Center Threat Level app: Security Center Threat Level app is a mobile application that is used to remotely trigger threat levels and change the state and operations in Security Center.