About the Monitoring task in Web Client - Security Center Mobile 4.1

Security Center Mobile User Guide for Web Client 4.1

Security Center Mobile 4.1

Using the Monitoring task, you can monitor cameras in real time.

With the monitoring task, you can do the following:
  • View live and playback video.
  • Control the entities you are monitoring using the widgets in the dashboard, such as export video from a displayed camera.
  • Show or hide the dashboard.
IMPORTANT: On tablets, the Monitoring task must be used in Landscape mode.

A Type text in the search box, and then click to filter the entities in the browser by name.
B Indicates if the camera in the tile is displaying live or playback video.
C Monitor live and playback video in the canvas tiles.
D Drag camera entities from the selector into the canvas.
E Control the entities you are monitoring using widgets in the dashboard.
NOTE: The camera recording state button is not updated live.
F Click to show or hide the dashboard.
G Click to change the tile pattern to 4, 6, or 9 tiles.
H Show, hide, or expand the selector.
I Select a camera entity, and then click Add to view the camera in a tile.