Creating cardholders in Web Client - Security Center Mobile 4.1

Security Center Mobile User Guide for Web Client 4.1

Security Center Mobile 4.1

To add new employees who must enter and exit secured areas using access cards, and to track their activities, you can create cardholders using the Cardholder management task.

Before you begin

  • Make sure you have the Security Center privilege to create cardholders. Privileges are assigned in Security Center Config Tool.
  • If you require different groups of cardholder with different access rights, create cardholder groups.


  1. Select the Cardholder management task from the Web Client home page.
  2. Click Create.
  3. Enter the cardholder's first name, last name, email address, and description.
  4. In the Options area, grant the cardholder the following optional access privileges if you are assigning them a credential:
    Use extended grant time
    Grants them more time to pass through doors where the Extended grant time parameter is configured for a door. Use this option for those with reduced mobility.
    Bypass antipassback rules
    Exempts them from all antipassback restrictions.
  5. Assign a picture to the cardholder, as follows:
    1. In the picture area, click .
    2. Select a picture from your computer or tablet, and click Open.
      All standard image formats are supported.
    3. Click to clear the current picture.
    • If you are logged on to Web Client from a tablet, you can also take a picture from the tablet’s integrated camera.
    • You cannot upload pictures from an iOS device.
  6. In the State section, set the time when the cardholder profile is to be activated. When the profile is inactive, the credentials assigned to the cardholder will not work.
    You can activate the cardholder’s profile immediately or at an appointed time. You can also set it to expire n days after the first use, at an appointed time, or never.
  7. (Optional) In the Credentials section, assign a credential to the cardholder.
    NOTE: If you do not assign a credential, you cannot monitor the activities, or generate activity reports for that cardholder.
    • To assign a credential, click .
    • To remove a credential, select the credential and click .
    • To modify an already existing credential, click , and then edit the credential's properties.
  8. In the Cardholder groups area, assign the cardholder to a cardholder group.
    The cardholder group defines the access rules that apply to the cardholder. A cardholder can belong to more than one cardholder group.
    • To add a cardholder group, click .
    • To remove a cardholder group, select the cardholder group and click .
  9. In the Partition area, assign the cardholder to a partition.
    Partitions determine which Security Center users have access to this entity. Only accepted users of the partition can view or modify the cardholder. A cardholder may belong to more than one partition.
    • To add a partition, click .
    • To remove a partition, select the partition and click .
  10. In the Access rules section, assign access rules for the cardholder.
    Access rules define the access control logic which grants or denies a cardholder access to areas, doors, and elevators.
    NOTE: The access rules displayed with a yellow background are inherited and cannot be removed.
    • To add an access rule, click .
    • To remove an access rule, select the access rule and click .
  11. If custom fields are defined for cardholders, click the Custom fields tab, and enter the cardholder’s custom information.
  12. Click Save.