[KBA-00805] How Do I Perform a Backup in Omnicast 4.8? - Omnicastâ„¢ 4.8 GA

Omnicastâ„¢ 4.8 GA

[KBA-00805] How Do I Perform a Backup in Omnicast 4.8?

This article explains how to perform a database backup in Omnicast 4.8.


How do I perform a backup in Omnicast 4.8? Is it the same as in previous versions?


Unlike previous versions of Omnicast, where a separate Omnicast Backup Tool was required, Omnicast 4.8 allows you to perform database backups directly through the software.

In Server Admin's Tools menu, choose the Backup submenu. Point to a backup folder and select which database(s) to backup, as well as the registry if necessary. Clicking the Backup button will perform the procedure.

Once completed, the Current Status field will show Backup succeeded.

To verify your backup, go to the backup folder and open the appropriate file (named OmnicastBackup_year-month-date_hrms.zip)