[KBA-74039] Door status offline or online might be inaccurate - Security Center 5.5 GA

Security Center 5.5 GA

[KBA-74039] Door status offline or online might be inaccurate

This article explains why, in Security Center5.5, doors might appear offline even though the hardware that is controlling the door is online.


The status of door entities (online or offline) might not all be accurate. All unit events and door activities are still received in Security Center and can still be monitored live for online doors that appear as offline.

Door functionality is not affected. It is possible for a controller to have some doors online and some doors offline.


This issue occurs because the system does not correctly process doors that do not have a door lock associated to them.


Assign a door lock to all doors that are missing one. You can do this by going to Config Tool > Door > Hardware tab and assigning a Door lock. Temporarily assigning an output as the door lock might resolve this issue.


This issue is resolved in Security Center 5.5 SR1.