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[KBA-01214] Adding and removing additional camera views for Axis M3007 units

This article explains how to add and remove additional camera views for Axis M3007 units.


When adding an Axis M3007 unit to Security Center, it appears in the entity tree as having 4 cameras. However, it is possible to activate and add up to 4 additional cameras which are built into the unit. You can add and remove the additional cameras from the unit web page.

More Information

IMPORTANT: Due to a software limitation, you should not disable the first stream. Disabling the first stream can cause issues in Security Center.
  1. Log into the unit web page and go to Setup > System Options > Advanced > Plain Config.
  2. Under Select a group of parameters to modify, select Image from the drop-down list, and click Select group.
  3. Scroll down and check or clear the Enabled option for images I4 through I7, depending on which camera views you want to use.
  4. Click Save.
  5. In Security Center, restart the unit to refresh its camera list.

    If you enabled any of the images, they are shown as new cameras under the video unit.

    If you cleared any images in the web page, they are shown in red in the entity tree and you can right-click and delete them.