[KBA-00186] How to transfer video from one camera to another in Omnicast™ - Omnicast™ 4.0 - 4.8

Omnicast™ 4.0 - 4.8

[KBA-00186] How to transfer video from one camera to another in Omnicast™

This article explains how to transfer video from one camera to another using the Transfer Video function in Config Tool with Omnicast™ 4.x.


The Transfer Video function in Omnicast™ Config Tool can be used when one camera has been replaced with another. To avoid having two sets of video archives for the same camera, you can transfer the video associated to the inactive camera to the new one.

The actual .G64 video files remain on their original HDD path; it is only the database information that is transferred from one camera to the other. This means that when you search for archived video in Archive Player, the results will appear under the new camera and not the old one.

More Information

To transfer the video archives from one camera to another:
  1. In Config Tool, go to the Tools menu and choose Transfer Video.
  2. Select the source camera from the top drop down list. This must be a ghost or offline (red) camera.
  3. Select the destination encoder from the bottom drop down list. This camera must be online.
  4. Click OK.

Important notes about transferring video archives:

  • Make sure you do not delete the old camera before making sure that all the Archives were transferred to the new camera.
  • The two cameras might have overlapping video files (video covering the same time range) if they are both on the same Archiver. If overlapping video files are detected, the transfer will be canceled and an error message displayed.
  • When transferring video from one camera to another, the destination camera retention period is used. Therefore, if the destination camera has a shorter retention period, video files will be deleted upon their arrival. Make sure that the retention period is equal on the source and destination cameras or that the automatic cleanup option is unchecked (unlimited retention period) on the destination camera.
  • When using the Copy Configuration Tool function to copy the value of all the parameters from one camera to another, the retention period value is not copied. The retention period is configured and saved for each camera in the Archiver's Archiving tab, under Retention period.