About Sipelia Client - Sipelia™ 2.6

Sipelia User Guide 2.6

Sipelia™ 2.6

Sipelia Client is the softphone component of Sipelia. As a result, it installs the various user interface features of the Sipelia module, such as the call dialog box and conversation window.

By installing Sipelia Client, you install the following components:
  • Notification tray
  • Call dialog box
  • Conversation window
  • Call report task

Although not mandatory, it is recommended that you install Sipelia Client after installing and deploying Sipelia Server. If Sipelia Client is installed before Sipelia Server, the user interface in Sipelia™ will not be enabled.

Sipelia Client must be installed on every Security Desk workstation that is running Sipelia, thus turning Security Desk into a SIP client (or softphone). The following image shows some of the components of Sipelia Client.