About Sipelia Server - Sipelia™ 2.6

Sipelia User Guide 2.6

Sipelia™ 2.6

Sipelia Server is the SIP server component of Sipelia. It receives and administers information about the different SIP endpoints, and essentially facilitates the communication between two or more endpoints that are communicating in a SIP environment. Sipelia Server also collates and stores important data, such as contact list information, SIP server settings, and call session recordings.

Sipelia Server is a server plugin () that must be run by a Security Center Plugin role. As a result, Sipelia Server must be installed on every Security Center server where you intend to host this Plugin role.

Sipelia Server stores the following data:
  • User options
  • List of contacts
  • Session information (for example: users, time and duration of phone calls, and associated entities)
  • Audio and video files related to call sessions
  • Configurations of SIP phone extensions for users and devices
  • SIP server settings
  • Ring group configuration
  • SIP trunk configuration
  • Dial plan configuration
  • Recording settings for users and devices
  • Security Center events that are linked to the SIP intercom entity