[KBA-78125] Cameras that are added to a Bosch unit do not appear in Security Center 5.6 SR4 - Security Center 5.6 SR4

Security Center 5.6 SR4

[KBA-78125] Cameras that are added to a Bosch unit do not appear in Security Center 5.6 SR4

This article discusses why cameras that you add to a Bosch unit are not displayed in the Config Tool entity tree for Security Center 5.6 SR4 systems.


One or more of the following symptoms might occur:
  • After adding a Bosch unit to Security Center or upgrading to Security Center 5.6 SR4, cameras under the Bosch unit are not displayed in Config Tool.
  • The Bosch unit's video encoder is in a warning state (yellow). This can be seen from the Peripherals tab of the video unit in Config Tool. None of the cameras on the unit are visible.


When a Bosch camera using firmware 6.20 or earlier has its VCA configuration set to Off, upgrading the camera to a newer firmware causes the camera to have an invalid motion configuration. When the camera is added to Security Center, this invalid motion configuration prevents the Archiver from completing the Add unit process correctly, which leaves the camera in a Not Ready state.


To resolve this issue, do the following:
  1. Open the camera's web page and click Configuration.
  2. Click the VCA tab within the Alarm section.
  3. Verify that the VCA configuration is set to ON. Select Profile #1.
  4. Click Set at the bottom of the page.
  5. Restart the Bosch unit.
  6. Reconnect the Bosch unit to Security Center.

You can now access the video streams.


This issue is resolved in Security Center 5.6 SR4 CU2.

This issue will also be resolved in the following future releases:

  • Security Center 5.7 SR1 and later
  • Security Center 5.8 GA and later