Required privileges - Security Center Interview Room 3.0

Security Center Interview Room User Guide 3.0

Security Center Interview Room 3.0

For administrators to install and configure the application in Config Tool, and for operators to use the application in Security Desk, the correct user privileges must be granted to their user accounts.

The following user privileges are the minimum required by the application.

NOTE: For a list of all available privileges, see the Security Center privileges spreadsheet. You can sort and filter this list as you need.

Privileges added by the Interview Room application

The following table lists the privileges added to Security Center by the Interview Room application. If all of these privileges are missing from the privileges list, then the application is not installed.

Although every organization is unique, we typically assign Config Tool and Security Desk privileges to users who install the application and set up the Security Desk workstations for operators. Operators are typically granted access to Security Desk privileges. Some privileges are required by all users.

Privilege Description Application User Role
Interview Report Allows the user to create and run interview reports. Security Desk Operator
Interview room Allows the user to run the Interview room task. Security Desk Operator

Common Security Center privileges to configure the application

Administrators have access to all privileges. However, if you create a user account from the Provisioning template, and you want this user to add and configure the application, you will need the following Security Center privileges:

Privilege Description Application User role
View license View the software license Config Tool Admin
View role properties View role properties Config Tool Admin
Modify role properties Modify role properties Config Tool Admin
Add roles Add roles Config Tool Admin
Delete roles Delete roles Config Tool Admin
View server properties View server properties Config Tool Admin

Security Center video privileges

The Interview Room application uses cameras and video. Search for all "video" privileges. Go through the list and grant or deny access as required for each user.