Preparing to create arming profiles - BuyTime 3.0

BuyTime Plugin Guide 3.0

BuyTime 3.0

Before you can create an arming profile, you must create cardholders, schedules, intrusion detection areas, doors with readers, and access rules.


  1. Create cardholders that will be allowed to postpone arming.
  2. Create an arming schedule from the System task.
    Keep in mind that the BuyTime period is part of the arming schedule. When the schedule becomes active, the BuyTime period begins.
    IMPORTANT: To avoid schedule conflicts, do not use Scheduled tasks to configure intrusion detection areas to arm on a schedule.
  3. Create doors and assign at least one reader to each.
  4. Create intrusion detection areas.
  5. Create an access rule that uses the arming schedule you created.
  6. Associate the cardholders and doors that you created for the profile to the new access rule.
    This ensures that the cardholders will have access to the readers during the arming schedule. You can give the cardholders additional access rights by associating them to other access rules.

After you finish

Create arming profiles.