Limitations in the BuyTime plugin 3.0 - BuyTime 3.0

BuyTime Plugin Guide 3.0

BuyTime 3.0

Limitations are software or hardware issues that cannot be fixed. For certain limitations, workarounds are documented.

The BuyTime plugin 3.0 includes the following known limitations:

Issue Description
1346696 If a user does not have the privileges or access rights to view all the entities in existing arming profiles, then when the user creates or modifies an arming profile, the existing profiles are overwritten with the configuration that is missing the entities that the user does not have access to.
Workaround: Allow only Administrators to configure arming profiles to ensure that they have all the necessary privileges and access rights.
1290054 When you re-enable a disabled arming profile, the BuyTime widget is no longer displayed in the Monitoring task for the intrusion detection areas in that profile.
Workaround: Click on another tile, and then click back on the tile that was missing the BuyTime widget to display the widget.
1284094 The intrusion detection unit that controls the intrusion detection areas in an arming profile must be online for the areas to be armed or disarmed by the plugin at the scheduled times.
NOTE: You can create an event-to-action to notify you when the intrusion detection unit goes offline.
1245270 You cannot save an arming profile if another arming profile has incomplete required fields.
Workaround: Disable the profiles that have incomplete required fields, and then save them to enable saving the other profiles.
1231913 You must have the proper access rules for the cardholders in the arming profile to be able to access the configured readers during the arming schedule.