Known issues in the BuyTime plugin 3.0 - BuyTime 3.0

BuyTime Plugin Guide 3.0

BuyTime 3.0

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

The BuyTime plugin 3.0 includes the following known issues:

Issue Description
2412243 In Security Center 5.9, when you print or export a User Activity report, the Event column is left blank.
1306438 If your arming schedule combines two or more schedules, when you generate a report from the Intrusion detection area activities task, only the events from one of the schedules will be generated in the report.
1286846 On the Arming profiles page of the plugin, you can set an arming type that is not supported by the intrusion detection area. If you select an arming type that is not supported, the area does not arm.
1285261 DMP 24 Hour Zones intrusion detection areas created by DMP intrusion panels are not compatible with the BuyTime plugin. These areas are configured to always be armed.
Workaround: Do not add DMP 24 Hour Zones as intrusion detection areas to your arming profiles.
1277100 In the Monitoring task, even when the BuyTime period is not active, right-clicking on an intrusion detection area opens the contextual menu with the Postpone arming schedule command enabled. Clicking on the command does nothing.