Resolved issues in Security Center 5.6 SR1 CU1 - Security Center 5.6 SR1 CU1

Security Center Release Notes 5.6 SR1 CU1

Security Center 5.6 SR1 CU1

Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases which have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center 5.6 SR1 CU1.
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 973822 If the event-to-action Scheduled free access or Scheduled controlled access is triggered for an elevator for all floors, the output is not automatically triggered.
Access 950071 Door held open and door forced open events are stored in the database using the server's local time zone instead of the unit's time zone.
Access 949532 In the Security Desk Credential configuration task, if you generate a Credential configuration report using license plate under Credential information, no results are shown.
All 958776 If an Active Directory group contains itself as a member of the group, the Active Directory role might fail or go offline.
All 949696 After upgrading to Security Center 5.6, you are unable to drag and drop inputs and outputs from a plugin onto a map in Security Desk.
All 947921 SDK: License plates cannot be used as credentials in Security Center 5.6.
All 914415 On large systems, the Archiver role might sometimes become slow to respond to incoming queries and configuration changes, and might cause stream requests to time out and PTZ control to stop functioning properly.
LPR 953301 The LPR Manager role cannot connect to the Archiver if one of the following special characters is included in the name of an entity, such as a Sharp or Patroller unit: " & ' < >
Video 953910 After failover occurs, your PTZ controls might not be working properly.
Video 952950 When using the RTSP interface of the Media Gateway role, there might be a long delay when requesting live video stream.
Video 949480 When streaming video using the Media Gateway role, if there is packet loss from the source camera, the Media Gateway role sends the corrupted video frames with an incorrect timestamp and SSRC.
Video 947444 In Security Desk, if you block a camera in the Monitoring task, the camera might still display the final frame from the video stream in the tile, instead of changing to a black screen.
Video 947323 In Config Tool in the Archive transfer task, if you create a scheduled task for archive transfer, the error message "maximum duration exceeded" sometimes appears.
Video 947076 In Security Desk, if many tiles are loading live video at the same time, some tiles might display the error message "decoding stream", and you are unable to view the video in those tiles.
Video 946949 When a Security Center 5.5 system that is federated on 5.6 system momentarily goes offline and then comes back online, live streaming is temporarily lost and the error message "Impossible to establish video session" is displayed in the tile.
Video 914713 Opening a single large file that contains multiple cameras with many hours of recording can cause Security Desk to hang.
Video 913807 In the Security Desk Monitoring task, if you pause a video in a tile, click Synchronize video, and then add more cameras to other tiles, the newly added cameras are not synchronized with the cameras that were already present.
Video 911986 In Security Center, when exporting video files that contain sections without audio to ASF format, the export fails.