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The following software issues were resolved in Security Center

Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access Control 2604587 After upgrading to Security Center Synergis™ Cloud Link unit sometimes does connect and remains offline.
Access Control 2601813 Access events for credentials enrolled with RFIdeas USB readers might not show in the Credential activities report.
Access Control 2592374 Searching for all HID Origo users returns deleted and invalid users as well as active ones.
Access Control 2577742 When a cardholder is activated or deactivated in a group, Synergis™ Softwire does not receive the updated groups, resulting in offline access control units without the updated information.
Access Control 2571558 You are unable to create a cardholder from the Cardholder management task from Security Desk or Config Tool if you have access to mandatory custom fields, or any non-mandatory custom fields that are modified during cardholder creation.
Workaround: Save the cardholder before modifying the custom fields. This only works for custom fields that are not mandatory.
Access Control 2571498 When processing event batches, the task might get stuck in processing and never complete.
All 2585376 SAML2 protocol with OneLogin does not support multiple redirect URIs.
All 2579586 When multiple users have the same PIN and you synchronize with Active Directory, duplicated pin credentials are removed from all but one user.
All 2564637 Widgets disappear from saved tasks when saving from a public to private dashboard, or from private to public.
All 2554946 Federation™ user level is not updated in the federated system.
ALPR 2587697 Reads images are not displayed in the Monitoring task of the Web Client.
ALPR 2415367 When exporting a Read report from Security Desk, the Attached files folder field is missing.
Maps 2602859 Advanced settings of ESRI layers are saved incorrectly and revert to default when the map is reopened.
Mobile 2593872 When a camera is displaying live in a tile but not recording, the video does not play.
Panasonic 2579588 When a Panasonic unit without H.264 support is connected in Config Tool, the unit shows a red warning state and remains offline.
Video 2628732 When exporting G64x video from an edge device, Stratocast™ federation, Omnicast™ federation, or Security Center 5.2 federation, the process fails with a red warning error.
Video 2577576 When a large system has edge transfer cameras, the Archiver sends many small pre-fetch queries after the initial startup, slowing down the Directory.
Video 2572814 Archive transfer of protected files fails if the retention period is expired.
Video 2565947 Exporting HEVC video fails when converting to MP4 format.
Video 2564439 When a large number of cameras send too many motion events in a short period, it slows down the Directory.
Video 2564433 When running an Archive transfer task, an ArgumentNullException in WorkerThread exception might show on the Archiver Agent.
Web Client 2595334 When running an ALPR Reads report through the Web Client, the report fails showing An unexpected error has occured. Try again. message.
Web Client 2561978 When deactivating a credential through the Web Client, it is reactivated by the Genetec ClearID™ plugin.
Web Client 2554207 Log out operations fail when the default HTTPS port for the Web Server role is changed and OpenID authentication protocol is used.
NOTE: Use HTTPS port 443.