[KBA-01047] No Live Video from Cisco Cameras - Security Center 5.1

Security Center 5.1

[KBA-01047] No Live Video from Cisco Cameras

This article explains why users might not be able to see live video from a Cisco camera after it is added to Security Center 5.1.


After adding a Cisco camera to Security Center 5.1, it will be yellow in the unit tree and will not allow users to see its live video in either Security Desk or Config Tool.

More Information

Before adding the camera to Security Center, the streaming mode must be configured in the unit's web page following the instructions below. If the camera is already added to the system, users will need to remove it without deleting the archives and then re-add it.
  1. Using a web browser, log into the unit's web interface using the correct username and password.
  2. Click Setup, expand Audio/Video then choose Video.
  3. Choose the stream that you wish to use (MPEG-4, MJPEG, H-264 or dual stream combinations).
  4. Choose a stream resolution.

  5. Click Save.
  6. Close the web browser.
  7. Open Config Tool.
  8. Add the camera, choosing Cisco as a Manufacturer. Make sure the Product Type matches the stream settings that were set in the unit's web page.
  9. Click on the Add and Close button.
  10. Refresh the Archiver.
  11. Once you double-click on the camera, live video will function.
Please note that if the streaming mode must be changed again, the user must remove the unit from Security Center without deleting the archives, and then follow the steps above.