[KBA-01138] Adding HID EVO Compatibility to Security Center 5.0 - Security Center 5.0

Security Center 5.0

[KBA-01138] Adding HID EVO Compatibility to Security Center 5.0

This article explains how to add HID EVO unit compatibility to Security Center 5.0.


In later Security Center versions, HID EVO compatibility is built in. In Security Center 5.0, however, HID EVO compatibility must be installed via HF117363. Users who do not have the hotfix installed will see the following screen when trying to enroll an HID EVO unit:

Once this hotfix is installed, an additional procedure must be performed in order to import the HID registry settings into a configuration file that will allow for the settings on HID units to be modified. The section below details said procedure.

More Information

1. After installing HF117363, make your way to the Security Center 5.0 installation path (C:\Program Files\Genetec Security Center 5.0 by default)

2. Run the r2c.exe file

3. This will create the VertXConfig.gconfig file, which can be used to modify HID settings