What's new in Stratocast™ - Stratocast™

Stratocast™ Integrator Guide


Stratocast™ includes the following new features and enhancements.

What's new: July 2020

Full Support for Organizational Account
Stratocast™ now fully supports the identity provider Organizational Account and users are automatically active when this option is selected.

What's new: June 2020

Support for Azure Active Directory
Stratocast™ now supports Azure Active Directory for Integrators and the Organizational Account option is now configurable.
NOTE: Integrators created with an Organizational Account require a link to log in.

What's new: October 2019

Image rotation support for Axis cameras
Stratocast™ now supports 90° and 270° image rotation for Axis cameras. The drop-down list will only show rotation options that are supported by the selected camera.
NOTE: This feature is not supported with Silverlight.

What's new: June 2019

Support for Bosch cameras
You can now add supported Bosch cameras to Stratocast™. The devices must have the latest firmware version installed and support the Stratocast™ Control Protocol (SCP).

For more information, see Adding Bosch cameras to Stratocast™.

What's new: March 2019

Push notifications
Push notifications for motion detected events are now supported on mobile devices.
  • Push notifications can be set up for each camera, and you can assign a notification schedule to the camera so that you only receive notifications during the specified days and times.
  • Each camera can have multiple notification schedules, which are easily modified, enabled, or disabled as required.
  • Tapping a notification starts playing the associated video from the motion detected event bookmark.

For more information, see Mobile compatibility and features for Stratocast™ and Configuring push notifications in Stratocast™

What's new: October 2018

Improved support for panoramic cameras
You can now set your default camera view to Quad view panoramic or Fisheye panoramic. Stratocast™ also supports a wide range of Axis panoramic cameras. For more information, see Supported devices.

What's new: August 2018

Remote monitoring for client accounts
Client administrators can now enroll cameras in their local Community Connect program by using new remote monitoring options for client accounts. Client administrators can create and download the remote monitoring user credentials and share them with the Community Connect administrator.

For more information, see Adding a remote monitoring user to your client account in Stratocast™.

Dual recording
A new Dual recording option has been added to the camera settings on the client's Devices page. You can now record both in the cloud and on the SD card of supported devices simultaneously.
NOTE: Recorded video on the SD card can only be accessed from the camera manufacturer's configuration web page or physically from the SD card.
For more information, see Modifying camera settings in Stratocast™.

What's new: May 2018

Client Home page
A new dashboard has been added to the client Home page for end users. This includes a motion activity summary, camera status, motion activity over an 8-hour period, and the motion activity peak during the 8-hour period.
Support for 360° Stratocast™ cameras in Security Center:
Stratocast™ now supports 360° cameras. These cameras can also be dewarped when federated to the Security Center platform.
NOTE: 360° cameras cannot be dewarped from the Stratocast™ Web Client.
Enhanced motion detection
Stratocast™ motion detection has been enhanced using a new algorithm that improves accuracy. Axis Video Motion Detection is now supported on all Axis cameras with firmware 6.50 and later.

What's new: February 2018

Plan updates
The maximum resolution for both the Basic and Standard plans have increased.
  • The Basic plan now supports a maximum resolution of 1280x720 (720p), up from 800x600 pixels.
  • The Standard plan supports a maximum resolution of 1920x1080 (1080p), up from 1280x720 pixels.
NOTE: These changes do not affect plan pricing. For more information, see Overview of Stratocast™ plans.

What's new: January 2018

Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities
Stratocast™ has been patched to protect against the Meltdown and Spectre security vulnerabilities. Click here to learn more.