Changing the subscription plan of a camera in Stratocast™ - Stratocast™

Stratocast™ Integrator Guide


Change a camera’s plan to extend the retention period of an old plan, to record video at a higher quality than your current plan offers, or when you no longer require high quality video and would like to reduce the costs of storage for the camera.

Before you begin

The client account must be Active and the camera's state must be Active or Enrolled.

What you should know

Camera plans apply to cameras, not video encoders. Each camera that is connected to a video encoder can have its own individual plan. As a result, video encoders are billed according to the number of channel inputs that it has. For example, if you add a video encoder that has four channel inputs, you are charged for all four, regardless of whether you are using all four.

In November 2015, the plans were changed to provide customizable video retention periods. For a description of the available plans, including maximum video quality, go to Use these new plans for all new subscriptions and for updating all existing subscriptions.
NOTE: If you change to a new plan, you cannot revert back to the old plan.

Each plan supports a different maximum video quality; after changing the plan, verify and adjust the video quality settings to meet your requirements.


  1. Click Clients and then, from the Number of devices column, click the client account that the device is added to.
  2. On the client's Devices page, under Subscription, choose a plan.
  3. If your camera is subscribed to an old plan and you want to subscribe to a new plan, click Upgrade, and then select a plan from the list. After saving, you cannot revert to the old plan; however, you can change to any new plan.
  4. If required, change the Retention period.
  5. Verify and update the video quality settings under the Video configuration section.
  6. Click Save, or navigate back to exit the page and cancel your changes.


If you click Save, the State field changes from Updating to Enrolled. The changes to the camera settings are saved.


Watch this video to learn more. Click the Captions icon (CC) to turn on video captions in one of the available languages. If using Internet Explorer, the video might not display. To fix this, open the Compatibility View Settings and clear Display intranet sites in Compatibility View.