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A video recording preset is a factory-set arrangement of video recording settings. The available recording presets depend on the type of Stratocast™ plan and type of recording that you select. Presets are only available for cameras that are subscribed to old plans.

You can select a recording preset when adding a new camera or modifying the settings of an existing camera. The Video configuration dialog box appears at the end of the procedure for adding a new camera, once a camera connection has been established. The figure that follows shows an example of the available recording presets (configuration) for a particular combination of subscription and recording type.

Video recording presets

The video recording presets define one or more of the following:
  • Resolution

    Example: 640x480, 10 fps, 14 days

  • Retention period

    Example: 640x480, 5 fps, 30 days

  • Frame rate

    Example: 320x240, 10 fps, 7 days

  • Daily storage space

    Example: 1280x720, 30 fps, 12 Gb/day


The image resolution of your video recordings. The choices that are available depend on the type of camera you have and your subscription.

Retention period on cloud

The number of days that the video recordings are stored in the cloud. Once the retention period expires, recordings are deleted.

Frame rate

The maximum number of frames per second (fps) that you can obtain when recording video. A high frame rate (10 fps or more) produces fluid video and is essential for accurate motion detection. However, a higher frame rate sends more information over the network, thus requires more bandwidth.

IMPORTANT: The actual frame rate used for your video recordings might not reach the maximum specified in your chosen configuration. Your recordings can attain a frame rate up to the chosen maximum, as required, to retain image quality.

Daily storage space

The estimated storage space (in gigabytes) used by your edge recording device (NAS volume only) per day. This setting appears in the NAS continuous recording type only.

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