CSV file for importing Modbus devices - Modbus 4.1

Modbus Plugin Guide 4.1

Modbus 4.1

When you plan to import many Modbus devices into Security Center at one time, you can use a CSV file. This reference topic lists the headers that must be included in the CSV and includes an example.

The following table lists the headers that must be included in the CSV file.
CSV header Description
ENTITY_NAME A unique and descriptive name for the device, which will be displayed in Security Center.
TEMPLATE_NAME The name of the device template that will be applied to the device.

The TEMPLATE_NAME must be an exact match to a template listed in the Templates column of the Device templates tab in the Modbus role. If the does not match, the import fails, and an error message is displayed in the Status field of the Import CSV dialog box.

IP_ADDRESS The unique TCP IPv4 address of the device.
PORT_NUMBER The TCP IP port used by the device and the Modbus plugin to communicate. This must be unique per IP_ADDRESS and UNIT_ID.
UNIT_ID The unique identifier of the device.

The plugin uses this ID to connect to the device.

Example CSV

The following sample CSV imports two MOXA ioLogik E2210 devices, each with four inputs.

MyDeviceName01Input01,ioLogik E2210,,502,0
MyDeviceName01Input02,ioLogik E2210,,502,1
MyDeviceName01Input03,ioLogik E2210,,502,2
MyDeviceName01Input04,ioLogik E2210,,502,3
MyDeviceName02Input01,ioLogik E2210,,502,0
MyDeviceName02Input02,ioLogik E2210,,502,1
MyDeviceName02Input03,ioLogik E2210,,502,2
MyDeviceName02Input04,ioLogik E2210,,502,3

Tips for a valid CSV

To be valid, a CSV file must:

  • have a filename that ends with .csv.
  • contain the mandatory headers.
  • not contain duplicate headers.
  • have at least one line of content under the headers.
  • contain a single line for each device input (entity).
  • have the same number of fields for each line of content as the headers, so if there are 5 headers, then each line must have 5 fields, even if the fields are blank, and each field must be separated by a comma.