What's new in Modbus plugin 4.1 - Modbus 4.1

Modbus Plugin Guide 4.1

Modbus 4.1

The Modbus plugin 4.1 includes the following new features.

Optimize requests by supporting ReadRange
Enabling ReadRange optimizes how the plugin reads properties on a Modbus device. Instead of reading each data point individually, the plugin can read up to 2000 coils or discrete inputs per read, and up to 125 holding registers or input registers per read.
Add Modbus devices without XML
Contrary to previous versions of the plugin, Modbus devices and their data points can be manually added, modified or removed in the user interface, instead of using an XML file.
Makes changes to devices and data points in the user interface
You can edit the name and type of a Modbus device () button in the Entities tab of the plugin role. You can also edit data points in the Properties tab of an entity.
Support for reading bit range
You can create a property on a Modbus device by polling a single bit or bit range inside a 16-bit register.
Send commands to Modbus devices
The Modbus plugin can write commands to device registries, so users can create actions to be triggered on Modbus devices when a Security Center event occur.
Creating device templates
To avoid manually entering each data point for the Modbus devices you add to Security Center, you can create device templates that can be applied when a device is added to Security Center.
Status indication of devices that are being enrolled
When Modbus devices are enrolled in Security Center, a status icon () appears in the notification tray. When you click on the icon, a window opens that displays the status of all the Modbus devices that are being enrolled.
Viewing state changes of data points in real-time
You can confirm that the Modbus devices are reporting state changes using the live monitoring button on the device's Properties page.
Viewing the history of state changes on Modbus devices
You can investigate the events triggered by Modbus devices using the Modbus event report and the Modbus health report in Security Desk.
Creating rules for status changes of data points
Rules can be configured to trigger events and alarms in Security Center when the value of a Modbus data point changes.
Monitoring Modbus devices on maps
You can monitoring Modbus devices on maps in Security Desk, see when a device is reporting an event or alarm, and view information related to the event.
Linking cameras to Modbus devices
You can link cameras to Modbus devices to view video when an event occurs or the value of a data point changes.