What is the Modbus plugin? - Modbus 4.1

Modbus Plugin Guide 4.1

Modbus 4.1

The Modbus plugin lets you integrate devices that communicate using with the Modbus TCP communication protocol with Security Center.

Modbus is a communication protocol used by electronic devices to transmit data to a computer. The Modbus plugin is a software created by Genetec Inc. that turns Security Center into a Modbus client application.

Using Security Desk, operators can monitor and respond to the state changes on devices using the Modbus protocol. Operators receive event notifications when a threshold is met, such as the temperature in a server room is too high, a motor overheats, or system pressure is below or above normal operating levels.

Security Center can be configured to trigger event-to-actions in response to data changes, such as turning on the air conditioning, turning off an overheated motor, and sending an email requesting a maintenance crew go to the pipeline. When Security Center includes video cameras, operators can see what is happening by viewing live and recorded video of the areas where the Modbus devices are located.

After you have installed and configured the plugin in Security Center, you can:

  • Add Modbus devices to Security Center, either one at a time or in batches.
  • Monitor the data and state changes of connected Modbus devices in real-time.
  • Set up rules that trigger custom events in response to selected state and data changes.
  • Create event-to-actions in response to custom event from Modbus inputs.
  • Display Modbus devices as Security Center entities.
    NOTE: If you are using Federation™, on the federated host, the Modbus plugin is visible, but none of the Modbus devices are listed.