Known issues in the Modbus plugin 4.1 - Modbus 4.1

Modbus Plugin Guide 4.1

Modbus 4.1

The Modbus plugin 4.1 includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Modbus Description
2234109 4.1 All of the building automation and control plugins (BACnet, SNMP Manager, OPC Client) on your server must be running the same version of Modbus that you are installing. If they are not, you must upgrade them before installing Modbus, or the plugins will not behave as expected.
2196290 4.1 Switching between a building automation and control plugin (BACnet, Modbus, OPC Client,and SNMP Manager) and the Genetec Clearance™ plugin causes Config Tool to freeze.
Workaround: End the Config Tool process using the Windows Task Manager, then restart the application.
2180213 4.1 Actions cannot be performed on events raised by Modbus devices.
1849477 3.1 If you are using Federation™, on the federated host, the Modbus plugin is visible, but none of the Modbus devices are listed.
1824987 4.1 If you are using a georeferenced map, entity icons become larger when you zoom in.