Testing the OPC Server integration - OPC Server 4.0

Open Platform Communications (OPC) Server Plugin Guide

OPC Server 4.0

After you configure the OPC Server plugin in Security Center, you can connect to an OPC Client and validate your OPC Server integration.


  1. Connect to an OPC Client, and make sure that you have a valid client certificate.
  2. Connect your OPC Client to the OPC Server, by doing one of the following:
    • If an LDS is installed on the computer where the OPC Server plugin is installed, connect using the LDS.
      NOTE: The OPC Server must be registered with the LDS in Config Tool.
    • Auto-discover the OPC Server if it is using the default port 4840.
    • Enter the specific IP address and port number of the OPC Server.
  3. In the OPC Client, trust the OPC Server certificate.
  4. In Config Tool, trust the OPC Client certificate.
  5. In the OPC Client, make sure that you can see the Security Center entities you exposed as OPC objects.


You can now monitor events and states related to the Security Center entities.