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Security Center 5.1

[KBA-01113] Security Desk Connection Fails After It Is Established

This article explains why a Security Desk connection will fail after the “connection established” message is displayed.


A user (any username, even "Admin") is using Security Desk to connect to the Directory. The connection will appear to succeed and a message saying Connection established will be displayed. Shortly afterwards, however, the connection status will be displayed as Failed and the client will be unable to connect.

More Information

Windows Management Instrumentation is used for authentication and it can sometimes become difficult to communicate with. A mere reset of the service is required to restore everything to working condition.

1- In Windows, click Start > Run and type services.msc

2- Right-click the Windows Management Instrumentation service and select Properties.

3- Set its Startup type to Disabled, and click Stop to stop the service. Keep this window open.

4- Go to C:\Windows\System 32\wbem

5- Rename the Repository folder to Repository.old

6- Return to the Windows Management Instrumentation services' Properties window and set the Startup type back to Automatic. Click Apply.

7- Restart the machine.

This will create a new Repository folder and resolve the login issue.