Known issues in the Medeco XT plugin 3.0 - Medeco XT 3.0

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Plugin Guide 3.0

Medeco XT 3.0

The Medeco XT plugin 3.0 includes the following known issues.

Issue First reported in Description
2121077 3.0 A certificate named GenetecMedecoXtPlugin is added to the Windows local certificate store when a plugin role is created. When the plugin role is deleted, the certificate remains. Consequently, multiple certificates with the same name might exist. This issue does not affect the behavior of the plugin.
2150900 3.0 Report results show the current door entity to which a cylinder is assigned, not the door that was assigned at the time of the event.
Workaround: Before you assign a cylinder to a different door entity, download all events from the related cylinder. Then change the door.
2280838 3.0 Some older programming stations can only program keys from the same generation (G2, G3) during a single session. These stations fail to consistently detect keys from different generations. If you have different generations of keys, and your programming stations cannot program all of them, replace the programming stations with more recent units.
Workaround: Remove the key from the programming station, restart the Key Programmer service, then insert the key in the station.
2281685 3.0 Deleting a door and access control unit does not release the related cylinder license.
Workaround: To release unused licenses, deactivate and reactivate the Medeco XT plugin role.
2281835 3.0 If you delete a key credential, and then insert the physical key in a programming station, the Key Programmer reports the message: The key is not recognized. However, the key is not reprogrammed, so if it is still valid, it can unlock cylinders.
2296642 3.0 The Key Programmer polls the plugin every 60 minutes to get the latest configuration. If a change made to a programming station entity such as revoking it, the Key Programmer only notifies you of the change when a) polling occurs b) you insert a key in the programming station.
2565740 3.0 Unable to schedule a key for cardholder that has an activation date before January 01, 2000.
Workaround: Change the cardholder's activation date.