Adding keys and cylinders to the Medeco XT plugin role - Medeco XT 3.0

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Plugin Guide 3.0

Medeco XT 3.0

To add your Medeco XT keys and cylinders to Security Center, you must import the codebooks provided to you by Medeco.

Before you begin

Get the following items from Medeco:
  • Master PIN number
  • System code signature
  • Installation dongle
  • .kbk codebook file that lists your keys
  • .lbk codebook file that lists your cylinders

What you should know

  • Keys and cylinders have the following information engraved on them: a 9-digit serial number, the product line (XT), and the generation. For example 295 000 320 XT G2.
  • A codebook is a file provided by Medeco that contains security requirements and descriptions of keys or cylinders. Keys are listed in a .kbk file. Cylinders are listed in a .lbk file.


  1. Make sure the key is an XT model and compatible generation.
  2. Take note of the 9-digit serial number engraved on the side of each key.
  3. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  4. In the Plugins task, select the plugin role from the entity browser, and click the Properties tab.
  5. In the Codebook section, click Import.
  6. If this is the first time you are adding Medeco XT products, do the following:
    1. Insert the installation dongle in a USB port on the plugin server.
    2. In the Save system credential dialog box, enter your Master PIN and System code signature, and then click Select codebook file.
      NOTE: The system credentials are saved in the Directory database.
  7. Import the cylinders: select the .lbk codebook file, click Open.
    For each cylinder, a door, a reader, and an access control unit are created and identified with the cylinder's 9-digit serial number.
  8. Import the keys: click the Import button, select the .kbk codebook file, click Open.
    For each key, a credential is created and identified by the key's 9-digit serial number.

After you finish