Reinitializing the certificate of a programming station - Medeco XT 3.0

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Plugin Guide 3.0

Medeco XT 3.0

If you suspect that a programming station is compromised, that an unauthorized person has the private key, or the token containing the private key has been lost or stolen, you can generate a new secret ID and reinitialize the certificate.


To reinitialize a Medeco programming station:

  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Expand the Medeco XT plugin role, right-click the programming station, and click Reinitialize.
  3. Click Generate.
    A secret ID is generated and saved to the clipboard.
  4. Click Save and close.

To connect the programming station entity to the physical programming station:

  1. On the computer that hosts the Desktop USB programming station, open the Genetec Medeco XT Key Programmer application.
  2. Click Reinitialize station.
  3. In the Connection File field, browse to the shared folder on your network, select the XML connection file.
  4. Right-click the Secret ID field, select Paste, and then click Connect.


In Config Tool, the programming station entity goes online. In the Key Programmer, your system is ready to program keys.