Limitations in the Medeco XT plugin 3.0 - Medeco XT 3.0

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Plugin Guide 3.0

Medeco XT 3.0

Known issues are software issues that have been discovered in the current release or a previous release, and have not yet been resolved.

The Medeco XT plugin 3.0 includes the following limitations.
Issue First reported in Description
2141020 3.0 The temporary access rules are unsupported. If you assign a temporary access rule to a key credential, the key does not unlock the cylinders.
2148104 3.0 If you recreate the plugin database, the Medeco XT entities remain listed in Config Tool. These entities keep their configuration, but do not communicate with the related keys and cylinders.
Workaround: Import the Medeco XT codebook.
2148920 3.0 The Genetec Medeco XT Key Programmer must be installed using an administrator-level Windows account.
Workaround: If during the plugin installation, you see the error message, Error 1920. Service Genetec : Medeco XT programming station failed to start. Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services, cancel the installation. From the Medeco XT installation package, right-click setup.exe, and select Run as administrator.
2153307 3.0 If a change is made to an access rule or key credential while the related key is in the programming station, the change is not uploaded to the key.
Workaround: Remove the key from the programming station, and then re-insert it.
2157612 3.0 If you try to reboot, move, or synchronize an access control unit that represents a Medeco XT cylinder, nothing happens. These options are not relevant for a Medeco XT cylinder.
2158939 3.0 In Security Center 5.7, if the expiration date of a credential is set to a date in the past, the system changes the credential to never expire.
2190282 3.0 When a key credential is associated with an access rule that is not assigned to a door, when the key is inserted in a cylinder, the event Access denied: Out of schedule is reported instead of the message Access denied: not on route.
2197512 3.0 Report results show the current area to which a door is assigned, not the area that was assigned at the time of the event.
Workaround: Before you move a door entity to a different area, download all events from the related cylinder. Then move the door.
2208714 3.0 Medeco only supports a single Medeco XT programming station per computer.
2227053 3.0 In Security Center 5.7, setting a cardholder or a cardholder group as access rule on access points is not supported.
2235275 3.0 In the Credential activities and Credential request history reports, you can filter by additional Medeco XT criterion (Key function and Revalidation period), however, the results show the current values, not the values at the time of the events.
2236983 3.0 If the public address of a Security Center server contains http or https, then the address is invalid. In this case, the Key Programmer service ignores the invalid address and uses the private address to establish a connection with the server.
2243994 3.0 If two users on separate computers try to import a codebook at the same time, the process fails on one of the computers.
2256219 3.0 Security Center reports show the timestamps provided by Medeco. Sometimes, the timestamps collected for the same event might differ by a minute or less. We cannot guarantee the accuracy of event timestamps from Medeco XT keys.
2256554 3.0 Medeco reports that a key credential was denied access, but not the specific reason.
2281683 3.0 Medeco does not support partitions. Events, credentials, areas are reported for all partitions, and cannot be filtered.
2282026 3.0 When there are USB devices that use a virtual serial port, like some printers and barcode readers, the Key Programmer is unable to communicate with the programming station. This is a known issue in Windows.
Workaround: Disconnect all USB devices that cause the problem.