Supported reports for an Medeco XT plugin - Medeco XT 3.0

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Plugin Guide 3.0

Medeco XT 3.0

To investigate events from Medeco XT keys, you can generate the standard Security Center reports for access control.

No custom reports

The Medeco XT plugin does not add any custom reports to Security Center.

Supported Security Center reports

The following reports are available for use with Medeco XT plugin. These reports are available from the Security Desk Tasks page.

  • Access control health history
  • Access control unit events
  • Access rule configuration
  • Cardholder access rights
  • Cardholder activities
  • Credential activities
  • Credential configuration
  • Credential request history
  • Door activities
  • Visitor activities
NOTE: Read the known issues and limitations to learn what restrictions apply.