Revoking the certificate of a programming station - Medeco XT 3.0

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Plugin Guide 3.0

Medeco XT 3.0

If you suspect that a programming station is compromised, that an unauthorized person has the private key, or the token containing the private key has been lost or stolen, you can revoke the station's certificate. When its certificate is revoked, a programming station cannot communicate with Security Center, so it cannot program keys.


  1. From the Config Tool home page, open the Plugins task.
  2. Expand the Medeco XT plugin role, right-click the programming station, and click Revoke.
    In Config Tool, the programming station entity goes offline (red).
    When a key is inserted in the programming station:
    • The programming station's LED turns red and flashes on and off.
    • The Key Programmer displays the following message: Unauthorized certificate. Reinitialize the programming station.