How the Medeco XT plugin works with Security Center - Medeco XT 3.0

Medeco XT Intelligent Key Plugin Guide 3.0

Medeco XT 3.0

A Medeco XT integration in Security Center comprises of several components installed on different computers over an IP network.

Work flow

  1. Install wireless electronic cylinders in openings.
  2. Issue access rights and schedules to credentials from Security Desk.
  3. Program the Medeco XT keys by inserting them in the key programming station connected to a Key Programmer computer. This downloads audit trails and uploads the latest access rights.
  4. Investigate events using reports and manage blacklisted keys in Security Desk.

Architecture diagram for Medeco XT integration

Architecture diagram for Medeco XT integration

Components of Medeco XT integration

Medeco XT Plugin
The Medeco XT plugin is installed on a Security Center server and runs as a plugin role.
Config Tool
The Medeco XT plugin is also installed on a Config Tool workstation. The Security Center administrator uses Config Tool to create and configure the plugin role.
Security Desk
The Medeco XT plugin is installed on all Security Desk workstations.
Medeco XT door lock cylinders, padlocks, and intelligent keys
Cylinders are battery powered and offline. They store audit trails, black lists, and access rules.
Intelligent keys are battery powered. They store access rules, schedules, and audit trails. A key can be configured to upload blacklists when it is inserted in a cylinder. For detailed product descriptions and related documentation, see
Medeco key programming station
A programming station is a USB device that connects to a computer and that charges and programs electronic keys. In Security Center this device is represented by the Programming station entity. The Medeco XT programming station connects to the USB port of a computer. When a key is inserted in the programming station, the station downloads access rules and schedules to the key; and uploads audit trail events to Security Center. Typically, a programming station is connected to a headless server, which is a computer without a display monitor, at entrances so that keyholders can reprogram their keys as they enter the building.
Genetecâ„¢ Medeco XT Key Programmer
The Genetec Medeco XT Key Programmer is a service that provides the communication channel between the plugin and the Medeco programming station. The service must run on the computer to which the programming station connects.
Key Programmer does the following:
  • Polls the programming stations every 2 seconds (default) to check for a key.
  • Polls the plugin to get the latest configuration every hour (default) and when a key is inserted in a programming station.
  • Displays the status of a key that is inserted in the programming station.