[KBA-00990] How to Troubleshoot a Camera that Has Lost Configurations - Security Center 5.1

Security Center 5.1

[KBA-00990] How to Troubleshoot a Camera that Has Lost Configurations

This article explains what to do if a Security Center camera’s configurations have been lost or reset.


If you encounter cameras that have suddenly lost configured settings, try the following steps.

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1. Verify if the camera is supported by checking the Supported Devices list on GTAP.

2. Check if the firmware on the camera is the same as the certified firmware in the website above. If not, download the certified firmware from GTAP or the camera manufacturer's website and install it on the unit.

3. Please refer to Security Center's Supported Hardware document and Release Notes, found in the Documents section on GTAP, to check if the functions or features that have lost their configurations are supported for this camera.

If the function/feature is supported, go to step 4.

4. If all the affected cameras are part of the same Archiver role, open the Server Admin and,in the Directory page, check if the Directory database name under Database instance has been changed. If it has been, change it back to the previous Directory database. If it has not, the database may be corrupted; try to restore a previous backup database by clicking Backup/Restore.

5. Check if you changed the configurations on the affected camera's web page recently. Keep in mind that Security Center's configurations overwrite the unit's when the Archiver or camera is restarted.

6. If one camera is constantly experiencing this issue, right-click the camera in Config Tool and click Delete to remove the camera from the Archiver. You may choose to keep the video archives in the prompt screen. Re-add the camera. If the configuration problem is still there, go to step 7.

7. Contact the Genetec Technical Assistance Center.