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Resolved issues are software issues from previous releases that have been fixed in the current release.

The following software issues were resolved in Security Center
Solution/Unit Issue Description
Access 2319723 If there is a unlock schedule configured for an elevator that is not currently active, Security Desk will disregard access decision events as though the unlock schedule was active.
Access 2298322 When using a Mercury MR62e door module, a OSDP reader device not connected to a physical OSDP reader results in the parent SCL showing a warning state.
Access 2270004 The Access Manager role falsely reports offline status on door or elevator entities, even though the entity is functional, due to consecutive short disconnects from the access control unit.
All 2315563 The Connection widget does not update live in the summary view.
All 2310424 When you create a widget chart on the Dashboard page, the values are duplicated after a refresh.
All 2300146 In some cases, the Mobile Server role has high memory usage.
All 2299957 The System status task does not show which server the mobile app is connected to.
All 2283551 When uninstalling a patch release on Windows Server 2016 and Windows 10, the uninstall fails and displays the following error:
Error 1309. Error reading from file.

Workaround: Install latest Windows update.

All 2280937 When installing the update in Silent Mode, the update still uses the build number from 5.8.1004.15 instead of from 5.8.1004.1006.
All 2280388 After a Directory restart, Archivers in Backward compatibility mode go into a warning state with the error message Archiver Agent failed to start, resulting in an inability to view or record video from the associated cameras.
All 2257935 The copy configuration tool does not work when copying from a local user or group to an AD user or group.
Axis 2316485 When adding an Axis camera using its hostname, there is a signed certificate error.
Axis 2306312 Enabling Dynamic GOP in the Video task causes duplicate streams that cannot be disabled.
Axis 2269917 In a system configured with Axis units, the Archiver agent fails and displays the following message:
The service domain 'UnitControlHost_542712aa-ad78-4581-81c9-150e14f65d77' has been destroyed.
LPR 2320740 The LPR Manager does not support .DAT file extensions for hotlists or permits.
Panasonic 2341777 When disabling the audio encoder of a Panasonic camera, it causes a high rate of updates in the Archiver, which then causes Directory slowdown.
SDK 2325672 When deleting an entity, the GetEntity call returns an SdkException.
SDK 2320193 When deactivating an Archiver, the GetEntity call returns an SdkException.
SDK 2269734 If a cardholder already has a credential and an extra Card Request is made from the SDK, the request is never able to become a valid credential.
SDK 2243928 The Card and Pin option cannot be disabled using the SDK.
Video 2335194 When using Security Desk, PTZ controls do not work due to network instability.
Video 2322996 When a camera is configured to record on motion, the tile goes gray when the playback jumps from where a motion sequence ends to the next motion sequence.
Video 2320199 You cannot stream video from federated cameras using the Mobile server application version 4.0.
Video 2306326 PTZ commands do not work on federated cameras from Omnicast™ 4.8.
Video 2296400 When Archiver failover is configured, PTZ stops working on maps and in SDK applications using aggregate PTZ.
Video 2294871 When a camera is requested at the same time by Security Center and Security Center 5.5 servers with nested Federation™ connections to, the Redirector drops and reconnects streams.
Video 2280796 The GenetecRedirector.exe process takes up 2 GB of memory because start and stop stream requests are disposed of incorrectly.
Video 2279941 The Genetec™ Video Player packaged in incorrectly reports success for watermarking of partially watermarked files.

Workaround: The Genetec™ Video Player must be downloaded from GTAP separately in

Video 2269657 On maps and in SDK applications using aggregate PTZ, commands and coordinate updates do not work.
Web Client 2294764 Map objects might take longer to load due to security checks.
Web Client 2264881 When a license without Omnicast™ is applied, the Mobile Server role stays in a warning state with the following message:
No Media Gateway server found.
Web SDK 2324558 The XML response format for the Web SDK changed causing problems with backward compatibility.
Web SDK 2294692 The Web SDK returns an empty MAC address string.
Web SDK 2283075 When using the Web SDK, the GetTile action gives the response <rsp status="ok"> instead of the tile content XML.