About the Genetec™ Update Service - Security Center 5.7 SR1

Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide 5.7 SR1

Security Center 5.7 SR1

The Genetec™ Update Service (GUS) is a web-based service that is automatically installed with Security Center. The GUS can update all machines within one System ID, however, each new System ID needs its own GUS.

Using the GUS, you can do the following:
  • Update your Security Center products when a new release becomes available.
  • Check for updates at regular intervals.
  • Automatically download updates when they become available.
  • Configure updates to be downloaded in the background, but you still need to manually install.
  • View when the last check for updates occurred.
  • Ensure that the license is valid and the expiry date is updated.
  • Configure peer-to-peer sharing with multiple peers connected to the Internet, or a single peer connected to the Internet. Update files are downloaded once and shared with other peer machines.

NOTE: For information about using the Genetec™ Update Service, click Help in the application.