Silent install command for Security Center - Security Center 5.7 SR1

Security Center Installation and Upgrade Guide 5.7 SR1

Security Center 5.7 SR1

When performing a silent installation, specific program options are required to run the Security Center Installer.

The syntax for running the setup in silent mode is:

<setup_exe> <setup_options> <msi_options>
This is the setup program for the Security Center Installer. You can either use the standalone version ("Security Center Setup.exe" found in the SC Packages folder) or the web version (SecurityCenterWebSetup.exe).

Do not use setup.exe found in the root folder of the installation package. It is an AutoRun-enabled version of the standalone installer, and as such, it does not accept command line arguments.

These are the setup options. They all start with a forward slash (/).
These are the Installer (MSI) options. They are all written in capital letters.

The following table lists the setup options.

Setup option Description
/ISInstallDir Specifies the root folder where the product subfolder (Genetec Security Center 5.7) will be created.
  • /ISInstallDir=C:\MyFolder
  • /ISInstallDir="D:\Program Files\MyFolder"
NOTE: In the second example, the (") are required because the value contains spaces. If not specified, the default is <ProgramFiles>, where <ProgramFiles> is either %PROGRAMFILES% or %PROGRAMFILES(X86)%, depending on the version of your operating system.
/ISFeatureInstall Specifies the features to be installed. The possible values are:
  • Server (Genetecâ„¢ Server with or without Directory, depends on the SERVER_TYPE installer option)
  • Client (Security Desk and Config Tool)
  • SecurityDesk (only Security Desk)
  • ConfigTool (only Config Tool)
  • CompPacks,CompPack4x[,CompPack4x] (Omnicastâ„¢ compatibility packs, you must specify at least one pack)
  • /ISFeatureInstall=Server,Client (DEFAULT)
  • /ISFeatureInstall=Client,CompPacks,CompPack48
/silent Sets the Security Center setup.exe program to run in silent mode with no user interaction.
/debuglog<FilePath> Enables the creation of the installation log file and specifies the file path.
NOTE: The folder path specified in <FilePath> must exist. The setup program will not create it.

EXAMPLE: /debuglog"C:\LogFiles\Install.log"

/log<FolderPath> Enables the creation of the MSI log files and specifies the folder path.
NOTE: The <FolderPath> must exist. The setup program will not create it.

EXAMPLE: /log"C:\LogFiles\"

/language: Sets the language used by the installation program. Immediately precedes the four-digit language code. No space is allowed.
  • /language:1033 for English (DEFAULT)
  • /language:3084 for French
<msi_options> Sets the Security Center Installer (MSI) option list.

Each option in the list uses the following syntax: <option>=<value_list> where <option> is an option name, and <value_list> is a list of comma seperated values. No space is allowed on either side of the equal sign (=). If the value list must contain spaces, the entire value list must be included between a pair of double quotes preceded by a backslash (\").