Adding access control unit manufacturer extensions - Synergis™ Softwire 10.7

Synergis™ Appliance Configuration Guide 10.7

Synergis™ Softwire 10.7

For the Access Manager to communicate with access control units, you must add the manufacturer-specific extensions.

What you should know

Starting from Security Center 5.3, the manufacturer extensions are added by default when the Access Manager is created. Therefore, you only need to add the extensions manually if the Access Manager was created before version 5.3. However, the Genetec™ Synergis™ extension required by Synergis™ units is created with the default discovery port, 2000. If you configured your Synergis™ units with a different port number, you must also change or add it on the Access Manager.
Best Practice: If you have two or more Access Manager roles controlling Synergis™ units on the same subnet, make sure that they use different discovery ports. Otherwise, you might experience performance issues with your Synergis™ units.


  1. Open the Access control task, and click the Roles and units view.
  2. Select the Access Manager, and click the Extensions tab.
  3. At the bottom of the extensions list, click Add an item ().
  4. In the Add extensions dialog box, select the extension types you need and click Add.
  5. Select the Genetec™ Synergis™ extension you added.
  6. To add a discovery port, click Add an item (), at the bottom of the Discovery ports section.
  7. In the Discovery port dialog box, enter the port number configured for your Synergis™ units and click Create.
    The port number must match the discovery port configured on your Synergis™ units. The default value is 2000.
  8. Click Apply.