Limitations in the ASSA ABLOY CLIQplugin 3.0 - ASSA ABLOY CLIQ 3.0

ASSA ABLOY CLIQ Plugin Guide 3.0


Issue First reported in Description
2359807 3.0 You must be a Security Center administrator in order to upload the certificate file to connect to CLIQ Web Manager.
2360022 3.0 The timestamp displayed in audit trails and reports is provided by the key. It is possible that the timestamp of the key will drift over time.
Workaround: Revalidate keys often to make sure they share the same time as CLIQ Web Manager.
2360253 3.0 After synchronizing, it can take a number of minutes for configuration changes made in Security Center to be applied in CLIQ Web Manager.
2361106 3.0 In Area activities or Door activities reports, if you select the All cardholders filter, the report returns all events, including events that do not have an associated cardholder.
2449713 3.0 VisitField in CLIQ Web Manager is not supported by the plugin. This prevents users from adding an expected arrival time when creating a visitor profile.
2506923 3.0 In Security Center 5.9.2 and earlier, you cannot specify an activation date for any credential that is deactivated in CLIQ Web Manager.
2525151 3.0 After a cardholder is imported from CLIQ Web Manager to Security Center, changes made to the cardholder name in CLIQ Web Manager will not be exported upon synchronization.
2547606 3.0 You cannot push a PIN validation on a bluetooth key that is inactive and has a revalidation period.
2564307 3.0 If you modify the values of custom field data types in the System task, changes that are made to the associated custom fields in credentials will not be pushed to CLIQ Web Manager.
Workaround: Revert the custom field data types back to their original values.