What is the ASSA ABLOY CLIQ plugin? - ASSA ABLOY CLIQ 3.0

ASSA ABLOY CLIQ Plugin Guide 3.0


The ASSA ABLOY CLIQ plugin imports ASSA ABLOY CLIQ intelligent keys and cylinders from CLIQ Web Manager into Security Center, so that you can manage access rules and investigate access events.

Administrator tasks using Config Tool

You can use the plugin to do the following:
  • Connect to CLIQ Web Manager.
  • Import CLIQ intelligent keys as credentials in Security Center.
  • Import CLIQ cylinders as offline doors in Security Center.
  • Import cylinder groups as areas in Security Center.
  • Import cardholders and visitors to Security Center.
  • Import selected domains from CLIQ Web Manager to Security Center.
  • Define and upload access rules to keys.
  • Upload events related to keys and cylinders to Security Center.
  • Link Security Center cameras to CLIQ cylinders.
  • Set up a standby plugin role in case the primary expansion server that hosts the plugin role fails.

Operator tasks using Security Desk

  • Manage keys (credentials); including assign and unassign keys to cardholders, view status, and change re-validation period and expiration date.
  • Add or remove access rules and credentials to cardholders and visitors.
  • Download audit logs of access events related to CLIQ devices.
  • Investigate access events related to CLIQ devices using Security Center reports.
  • View video related to CLIQ access events from reports.
  • Create access events activity reports related to CLIQ devices.