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SharpZ3 Administrator Guide 13.1

SharpZ3 | SharpOS 13.1

The Dashboard > Inventory page in the Sharp Portal displays information on SharpZ3 system hardware.

The Inventory page is available from the Dashboard menu. The page displays the status of the hardware components of the system and allows you to identify camera units by blinking their LEDs. You can see the installed expansion modules and available expansion module slots.
NOTE: To see the most recent information in the Inventory page, you must refresh the web page.

The Inventory page provides the following information:

Displays the name of the component.
Displays the component's firmware version.
Displays a unique identifier of the component, such as its name or serial number.
NOTE: The serial number is also printed on the component sticker.
Displays the health status of the component.
Blink LED
Blinks the LED on SharpZ3 cameras or the SharpZ3 base unit.