About hotlist hits in MLPI - Genetec Patroller™ 6.4

AutoVu Patroller MLPI User Guide 6.4

Genetec Patroller™ 6.4

Hotlists define a list of wanted vehicles, where each vehicle is identified by a license plate number, the issuing state, and the reason why the vehicle is wanted (stolen, wanted felon, Amber alert, VIP, and so on). Optional vehicle information might include the model, the color, and the vehicle identification number (VIN).

Patroller administrators can configure the color of hotlist hits.

A Currently selected hit The plate review reel shows all unacknowledged hits. The selected hit is highlighted.
  • Tap a hit on the list to see more information about it in the hit panel and information panel.
  • Tap Go live to return to live plate reading.
B Hit panel Displays information about the hit such as the Category, Make, and so on. The “matched plate (state)” information is particularly useful as it lets you know which plate on the hotlist generated the hit.
  • If the matched plate is identical to the plate on the hotlist, a small icon of a checkmark appears next to the matched plate.
  • If the matched plate contains OCR equivalent characters, or there is a difference in the number of characters between the matched plate read and the plate number on the hotlist, an approximation symbol appears next to the matched plate.

Read about the OCR equivalence LPR Matcher technique to learn more about OCR equivalence and allowing for differences in the number of characters

E Information panel Shows information on the vehicle and plate.
F Unacknowledged hits Tap Hits to display the list of all unacknowledged hits.