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AutoVu™ SharpOS Release Notes 13.4.0

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Release notes

AutoVu™ SharpOS 13.4.0 includes the following new features.

SharpOS compatibility

SharpOS 13.4.0 is compatible with SharpZ3 units only. For SharpV units, install SharpOS 13.3.1. For more information, see Supported SharpOS update paths.

General enhancements

Improved GPS precision:
SharpZ3 systems that include the navigation expansion module now update GNSS coordinates 20 times per second (20 Hz). This feature also introduces a new synchronization mechanism between the image capture and the GNSS coordinates which increases the precision of license plate read positioning.
NOTE: The former 2Hz update rate is still available for backward compatibility and fallback purposes.
Enhanced ALPR regional contexts
  • Georgia and Georgia_3Chars: The Georgia and Georgia_3Chars regional contexts now support stacked characters.
  • Saudi Arabia and Arabic Peninsula: The Saudi Arabia and Arabic Peninsula regional contexts now recognize a new long-format license plate from Saudi Arabia.