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Genetec™ Video Player Quick Start Guide 5.11

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In the Genetec™ Video Player, you can control the playback video using the following commands.

Command   Description
Rewind Reverse the playback. Each click of this button adjusts the reverse playback speed from - 1x to -2x, -4x, -6x, -8x, -10x, -20x, -40x, -100x. Click the Play button to revert playback to 1x (normal speed) in the forward direction.
Previous frame Reverse the video by one frame. You can also use the jog wheel to achieve the same result. This button is only available when the video is paused.
Pause Pause the playback at the current frame.
Play Play back the recording at normal speed (1x).
Next frame Advance the video by one frame. You can also use the jog wheel to achieve the same result. This button is only available when the video is paused.
Forward Fast forward the playback. Each click of this button increases the playback speed from 1x to 2x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 10x, 20x, 40x, 100x. Click the Play button to revert playback to normal speed (1x).
Slow motion Switch between normal playback speed (1x) and slow motion (1/8x). While in slow motion mode, click the Forward or Rewind button to change the playback speed from 1/8x to 1/4x, 1/3x, 1/2x, in either direction.
Loop playback Create a looped playback. When you click this button, two timeline markers () appear at either end of the timeline. Click and drag the markers over the timeline to indicate the start and end points of the looped playback.
Additional commands  
  Copy snapshot to clipboard Copy a snapshot of the current video frame.
  Toggle digital zoom Apply a 2x digital zoom to the image. After, you can reposition the zoom area, and zoom in or out.
  Toggle full view Maximize the size of the video image inside the tile.
  Properties Lists the properties of the video file, and the statistics of the playback.
File name
Name of the video file.
Size of the video file.
Date that the video file was exported from Security Center.
Digitally signed
Indicates whether the video file is protected by a digital signature. To verify that the signature is valid and that the video file has not been tampered with, right-click the video image, and then click Verify digital signature. If the signature is valid, it says “File digitally signed and authenticated”.
Compression format of the video.
Resolution of the video image.
Frame rate
Frame rate of the video.
Password protected
Indicates whether the video file is encrypted.
File menu commands  
  Synchronization Toggle between synchronous playback and asynchronous playback.
  Open file Open and play a video file. It replaces the current file you are viewing.
  Show properties Show the properties of the G64x video file that you are currently viewing, and list the video sequences it contains.
  Save as Re-export the video file, in part or in full, in the format of your choice. This command is only available if the video was exported with the Allow the exported video file to be re-exported option.
NOTE: You cannot export the individual video sequences separately.
Command line commands  
  Re-export Trigger a re-export of a sub-sequence of video. The re-export mode will trigger if ("begin"), ("end") or both commands are specified. This means that you can crop video from just the beginning of the video, the end, or both and you can specify more than one file to crop.
For example, to generate a re-export mode for multiple files:
GenetecVideoPlayer.exe -begin "2021-02-02 15:44:38" -end "2021-02-02 15:45:27" "C:\Folder\file1.g64x" "C:\Folder\file2.g64x" "C:\Folder\file3.g64"
  Prevent browsing Prevent browsing of the file system. The following commands: ("-nb"), ("/nb"), ("-NoBrowsing"), and ("/NoBrowsing") can be used to prevent the GVP from browsing files. It removes Recent files, Open file, and Save as from the menu.