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Your Security Center system must provide a minimum storage capacity for the local cache used by the Archiver for video playback and for potential network connectivity issues. The associated Microsoft Azure license must also accommodate the storage requirements of your Cloud Archives deployment.

Microsoft Azure license

The default license in Microsoft Azure allows up to 1.5 PB of data storage. If your Cloud Archives deployment requires more than 1.5 PB of storage, contact Sales at

Video playback cache

The Archiver downloads the requested video archives from the cloud to a local cache. The cache optimizes the network bandwidth usage when multiple users request the same video sequences. The cache must meet the following requirement:
Item Requirement
Logical drive Separate logical drive of at least 100 GB
NOTE: It is highly recommended that you allocate a separate physical drive to maximize system performance and to provide a better user experience.

Video recording logical drives

To accommodate for potential network connectivity issues, your video recording logical drives must meet the following requirement:
Item Requirement
Additional recording capacity 3 days